Need an experienced technology, marketing and writing professional all rolled into 1?

Someone who has the know-how of how these industries work and can speak the language, yet simplify it to your online audience through effective writing?

You have arrived at the right place!

I’m Patricia the founder of and an experienced freelance business writer and editor. I’m here to help you with your writing, editing and ghost writing.

Here is how we can work together.


You have a great product or service, and wish to communicate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to your online customers, but not sure how to do it? It could be through writing articles, landing pages, blog posts or website content. But these require adequate time and expertise to craft a compelling copy.

That’s how I can help with

  • Articles – that have the right outline, keywords and keyword density
  • Landing Page – that provides the personal touch to your brand and invites prospective customers to your product or service
  • Blog Posts – with an eye-catching headline, introduction, relevant content, CTA (Call-To-Action)
  • Web site content – that understands your audience, prioritizes information and communicates the right content through simple yet effective words.

The quality content offered by me will help you

  • Know your audience better
  • Develop an going relationship with your customers
  • Generate higher opt-in rates

With knowledge and hands-on experience in technology, marketing and in the writing domain I bring a unique expertise to strengthen your article, copy, site content or blog.

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You have your writing in place but not sure if it is ready to be published? A well-written copy might lose out on the minute errors that can cost you vital time and resources.Errors like punctuation, grammar, spelling mistakes can question your credibility and create a negative impact which can hurt business.

To know how I can help in eliminating these errors and making your copy web ready contact me at

Ghost Writing

You have the ideas, the writing skills and the drive to publish your copy. But do you have the time to write it? If not, why not contact me? I’ve been ghost writing since a couple of years and have a fair knowledge of understanding the writing requirements and the need to write from the client’s perspective

To know how we can collaborate, contact me at